Derek Olive is a multifaceted artist whose fascinating journey has seen him write music for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, become a frontline nurse, and most recently a documentary filmmaker.  

With a Master's in Music Composition, Derek's artistic vision went from the concert hall, to the asphalt. His quest for the unconventional led him to undertake a cross-Canada bicycle tour to promote the David Suzuki Foundation's "Blue Dot Movement” following the release of his second CD “Mystery and Dust.”

Never afraid of a good plot twist, Derek took a sharp left into nursing where he would spend 6 years working in several Indigenous communities on the James Bay. His time as a frontline nurse was so formative that the plot would twist again, to him becoming a filmmaker. His experience as a nurse not only deepened his understanding of human connection but also honed his ability to ask poignant questions, it also taught him to shut up and listen. 

Derek's directorial debut, "Little Feet Forever Running Silently," showcased his adept storytelling skills. An official selection for Canada Shorts - Canadian & International Short Film Fest, the documentary unveils the poignant struggles of Jean-Francois Harvey, a seasoned athlete and writer, facing his biggest challenge ever, grief and the loss of a child. With his dedication to storytelling, diverse artistic background, and unique perspective on the human experience, Derek's empathetic lens captures his subjects and audiences hearts. 


"Peu importe l'âge, Derek fait preuve de bienveillance et d'humour pour que ses interlocuteurs, petits et grands, soient à l'aise d'être filmés. C'est un immense plaisir de travailler avec Derek, qui s'implique avec cœur dans tous ses projets!"

Gaëlle Zwicky - Chargée de projets - Équiterre


"Merci pour ton professionnalisme et ta bonne humeur!"

Sébastien - À La Hauteur


"I have worked on a few videos with Derek Olive and I can say from experience that he brings enormous creativity, commitment and technical skill to every project. He is super organized and willing to go the extra mile to make whatever he does look great. He earns your trust because he delivers top-notch work every time!"

Rob Lutes - Musician